The past few months have been quite challenging and interesting and I’ve learnt a lot as a result. In aviation you are constantly learning and improving, and that’s part of gaining experience. I’ve had several diversions due to weather and a few passenger issues – mostly due to medical problems with them, and for the poor passenger’s sake, thankfully none of them serious. A medical emergency in the air requires good CRM and liaison with the crew, any medical personnelĀ onboard or on the ground and ATC. I once had two of these events in one week! I have had exposure to this early on in my training, when a passenger onboard had not taken her required medication and so was unwell. We diverted and the passenger was given the necessary medical assistance. These things do happen and we are trained for it in the simulator where we are given scenarios to play.

The command upgrade has been a challenge and I am enjoying it so far and it’s given me an even greater degree of job satisfaction. I want to continue to challenge myself, and so I have enrolled on my second Master’s degree – MSc Air Transport Management. I’ve done two modules so far – Air Accident & Incident Investigation and Airline Operations. I’m busy with the Airline Operations coursework right now. It’s great to learn more about the aviation industry and subjects outside my current direct experience.

I’m going to try and update this blog more often with my progress as a Captain, MSc Air Transport Management student and other thoughts on aviation; for now I leave you with this wonderful photo of Mount Teide in Tenerife.

Flying past Mount Teide in Tenerife on approach.
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