This week gave some fantastic views – mostly with flights to Spain and especially the flight to Malta. We experienced gorgeous views over the Alps, after which we passed Milan, Pisa, Rome and then went over Sicily to get to Malta. On the way back it was clear so we got great views of Paris and London – which the passengers that sat on the left side of the aircraft also enjoyed. I could easily make out the Eiffel tower, just south of the River Seine and then on reaching London I spotted the Greenwich Dome, London City Airport, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and many other landmarks.

I’m feeling much more comfortable now in the left seat, and it’s been a busy month with plenty of flying to get me further acquainted with my new position. I find that everyone performs better in a relaxed atmosphere and though it’s a high pressure and stressful environment at times, I try and set this tone. This is especially important during these busy Summer months which do come with their own challenges – thunderstorms, busy loads and even the heat! It’s amazing how quickly the environment and go from busy to peaceful and vice versa. The busiest period as anyone would expect is generally the turnaround to around 10,000ft and then decent onward.

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